What could buying a house and shopping for a prom dress have in common? More then you think.
First the budget. I know its not exciting, but knowing what you can afford is important. You may fall in love with a turquoise, strapless mermaid gown but can only afford the simple blue sheath dress.
Getting pre-approved is the first step when starting the house hunting process. Know your budget.
Now that you've got a budget next comes the shopping. Did you know the average home buyer will look at twelve homes before making an offer? I won't even tell you how many dresses a teenage girl will try on before making her decision.

Just like with dress shopping choosing your home can mean compromise. A more expensive, move in ready home might push your budget and make you "house poor."  A fixer upper is another option. And of course you can always wait and save more money. The choice is yours. The pre-approval really is a helpful tool.

Wether you choose the home at the top end of your budget or the home that you remodel, get advice, know youself (can you cut back or live in a home being remodeled) and keep an open mind. This is where the Realtor with all their experience is priceless. 

As for the prom dress, we choose...... the blue sheath dress. With the money we saved on the dress, we accessorized. Added pair of drop earrings, silver sling back heels and a trip to the salon for hair and a manicure all while staying within our budget.

Happy Shopping!