First let's dig out that glass sun tea jar from the back of the cupboard, add a few tea bags and some water. Next, open your front door, put the jar on the porch, and take a deep cleansing breath. Smell that? It’s a breath of fresh air. The grass is finally green, the trees are in full flowering bloom and birdsong is a welcome sign that spring has sprung.

Fresh air, perennials sprouting, and warmer weather are invigorating. Spring is a renewal that inspires cleanliness. Time to get the stale air out, and the fresh air in. Crank open the windows and locate the cleaning supplies.

Let’s start in the “heart of the home”, the kitchen. To compliment your weekly cleaning in this room a thorough cleaning of the appliances is a great way to start. The oven, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator will all perform more efficiently when cleaned properly. Pull the refrigerator out and clean the floor underneath. Don’t forget to vacuum the coils in the back. Sort through the freezer and wipe down all the seals and drawers. Inside the refrigerator remove everything and clean the shelves and drawers. Martha Stewart has a great page on kitchen appliance cleaning. Once appliances are sparkling it’s time to move onto the pantry, the cupboards, and lights. Some elbow grease, warm soapy water and having a trash can handy can be all you need here. Don’t forget the disposal in the sink.  Baking soda and warm water with lemon peel will freshen and ice cubes help sharpen the blades. Try these suggestions for cleaning the dishwasher. Counter tops are next. Check out these helpful links for granite, tile and laminate countertops.

Moving out of the kitchen lets focus on the bathrooms next. I don’t know about you but this is my least favorite room to clean. I did however find a great checklist for cleaning the bathroom.

Let’s consider the bedrooms. Starting in the closet. Have you ever tried the trick of flipping all your hangers backwards and next year donating the clothes still hanging backwards on the hanger? Something to consider when organizing your closet. Pulling the vacuum in will help clean the corners and shelves. Time to put away the sweaters and get out the shorts. Here’s a helpful page on winter clothing storage. Moving into the actual bedroom lets work from the ceiling down. Light fixtures and ceiling fans will need to be cleaned. Changing the direction the fan blades to counter clockwise creates a pleasant breeze in warmer weather. Moving to the windows, consider cleaning the curtains or blinds. Vacuum the and remove the screens to clean the window sill then the glass. I’ve found newspaper to be streakless and easy to use. A rubber squeegee is also recommended. Next comes the bed itself. Are your pillows encased in a protector other than the pillowcase? Time to unzip them and throw them in the wash. How old are those pillows anyway? What about the mattress pad, time to freshen that in the wash as well. While you’re tearing the bed apart it will be easier to pull it out and dust the mopboard and bed frame then vacuum underneath it.

In the family room it’s much of the same cleaning. Declutter, dusting, and vacuuming. Small appliances such as televisions, dvd players and any equipment from service providers are easy to clean with the vacuum. Remember the ceiling fan, light fixtures, mop board and windows.

Don’t forget the smaller rooms need attention as well. The linen closets, storage closets and laundry room will all need a thorough sorting and scrubbing.

One of the last things is floors. For specific types of flooring review these cleaning instructions; wood floors, carpet, laminate, and tile. For another page on floor cleaning try this one from HGTV.

When all is clean and the supplies are put away its time to revisit that jar of tea we set out earlier. You deserve a break. We can tackle the garage and clean up outside another day.