What's popular this year inside homes? Whether you're building a new home, remodeling your current home or just looking for a way to accent let's chat about some new trends that are popular.

Kitchens are the main gathering space in any home. White kitchens are becoming very popular. A fresh way to add your personality is to add a pop of color to help break up the starkness. This can be done in the backsplash, rugs, and decor. The decor I'm speaking of is the "sitters." A decorative plate on a stand, canisters, tea pots, unique cutting boards and more.

Another option that is growing is colored stainless steel appliances. Did you know stainless doesn't have to be shiny silver metal? Black stainless steel is growing in popularity and I have to admit it'd be nice to have a smudge free refrigerator door.

How about kitchen cabinetry? Are you brave enough to try two toned cabinets? This trend is happening more and more. Upper cabinets white and wood tone lower cabinets. Another way of accomplishing a stand out element in your cabinets is a different wood on the island versus the rest of the kitchen.

This next idea will have you saying "that makes so much sense." Deep drawers. That's it. Instead of cupboards with shelves that pull out or even stationary shelves, deep drawers. This is a must! These are useful under the cooktop, in the lower corner cabinets and great for containers with elusive lids.

Mix up the backsplash/countertop pairings. Tile backsplash with granite counters. Stone backsplash with stainless counters or concrete counter with a vertical matchstick tile backsplash

Fireplaces never really went out of style but are really picking up steam especially when you take out the hassle wood burning. 

How about the entryway, how functional would you like this space. The "farmhouse style" is becoming more and more popular. With locker style storage, a padded bench and a row of hooks your entry way can be warm, welcoming and organized. This is another space where heated floors would be a nice detail to remember. 

Moving onto the bathroom. Whether a powder room or master bath we are seeing this space change as well. More so in how it is decorated. Mirrors are being framed with thick wood, vintage ornate frames or back lit in a new modern way. Large printed wallpaper with texture is becoming popular as well. Shelving is being installed for more "sitters" and even chandeliers to light the space.

Think back to when we weren't  "plugged in."  Designate an area of your house to just this. A no digital distraction space. No screens, somewhere to sit quietly or to share with friends and family. This is something that seems to be catching on. You might find what you've been missing in this relaxing ambience.

Color. What's new in color schemes for 2016? From my research I've found white to be the "color" of the year. Then it seems to go to extremes with stimulating your environment with high contract colors making bold statements. 

 In conclusion whatever you do with your choices, make sure to fit your budget and lifestyle. Remember you're the one who is living with it. Experiment with color, textures, scale, new and new to you. All of this makes a house a home. It's your space, make it a reflection of you.