Whoa, wait a minute. What IS a sewer line inspection? Do all home buyers need one? Is it included in the home inspection? 

To answer to the first question, a sewer line inspection is done by a licensed plumber. A recommended way to inspect the sewer line is with a video camera. The camera is snaked through the sewer and will show wether the sewer is clean or clogged, if tree roots are pushing through or collapsing the walls. The condition of the sewer construction (what material was used to constuct the sewer and if it is considered good construction) is also shown in the video.

Do ALL home buyers need a sewer inspection? This is a tricky question. It is reccommended that homes over 20 years old have this inspection. Of course this is up to the buyer. The average cost of this inspection is $250. A repair, if needed could cost much more. 

Third question, is it included in the home inspection? No it is not. I do have a link to what IS included in Iowa Home Inspections.

We are seeing more and more of these inspections being done. We like to be proactive and share with our prospective buyers and sellers things that are becoming more relevant.

Here at Elliott Realty Group we have had a few of these sewer inspections done. Two have been done before the sale (one good and one needing cleaned) and one after the sale to verify a problem. 

The way I look at the question of wether to do it or not is a lot like insurance. Hard to put a price on peace of mind.