Come on admit it we've all been in at least one home that feels like we're stepping back in time. Orange shag carpet, avocado appliances, light fixtures that resemble your son's science project. Can we "style" our home without dating it?

When you think about a 1950's home, images of black and white checkered floors, polka dots, chrome trimmed tables with vinyl padded chairs come to mind. Pink bathrooms made their debut. 

Moving into the 60's, the era of the peace symbol, the Beatles, and Woodstock. The vibrant hues of green, gold, orange and yellow. Paisley, large flowers and indian prints dominate the interior of homes. Along comes the shag carpet in a rainbow of colors. 

The 70's! The years of the Brady Bunch. You know the colors. Orange, green and brown. Tupperware was popular, color appliances were all the rage and don't forget the colored bathrooms.

The 80's. I personally think of big hair, blue eye shadow and the movie Steel Magnolia's. Florals, pastels and Laura Ashley come to mind. Frilly extravagent curtains, frosted glass, track lighting and wall paper, oh the wall paper. A popular color combination was hunter green and burgundy, you remember. Ruffles, etched glass chandeliers, muave carpets and popcorn ceilings all scream 80's. 

Bring on the 90's. With technology on the rise and the World Wide Web, blue, silver and grey dominated this era. Verticle blinds replaced curtains. Rooms expanded, sectional couches became popular. Walk in closets, kitchen islands and berber carpet make thier appearance.
The turn of the century. The year 2000 brought in white kitchens, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Frieze carpets are being laid along with laminate and wood floors. 

In 2010 open floor plans, arched doorways and interior columns are common. Media rooms, home offices, theater rooms and walk in showers. No more dining rooms but the stainless steel appliances remain as they work in a variety of kitchens.

Style without dating...can this be achieved?  Where would the character be? What fun is nuetral? 

Your style, your personality should show in the place you call home. Just remember from a selling/buying point of view less CAN be more. More dollars in your pocket that is.